Market Rate Housing

Providence Living provides market rate housing opportunities at great rates for Families, Individuals, and seniors, offering a variety of options based on different criteria that you meet.

Our buildings are dedicated to either families, Individuals, or seniors so that we can provide services and amenities focused on the needs of these groups.

Market Rent Housing

Market Rent Housing is for people who have a moderate income and are looking for an affordable long-term tenancy.

Rents are equal to, or slightly lower than, average rents in the private market.

Different sized rental units have different annual household income qualification amounts:

1 Bedroom

Subsidized Under $49,500
Market Rent $49,500-$84,780

2 Bedrooms

Subsidized Under $65,500
Market Rent $65,500-$134,140

3 Bedrooms

Subsidized Under $81,500
Market Rent $81,500-$134,140

4 Bedrooms

Subsidized Under $86,000
Market Rent $86,000-$134,140

Our market rental opportunities become available either by a vacancy or brand-new units coming to market.

We update the vacancy list once a week and units may be available immediately.

If you see something you like, complete our short form expressing interest and a property manager will contact you in a couple of days.

Our Properties


Providence Pines (DRF): Family 5550 Clements Cr., Peachland
Providence Vista (DRD): Family 3737 Gellatly Rd., West Kelowna

Downtown Kelowna

Pleasantvale (DRM): +55  678 Richter St., Kelowna
Pleasantvale (DRM): Family 668-688 Central Ave., & 671-691 Cambridge Ave., Kelowna Kelowna

Mid Town Kelowna

Apple Valley (DBA): +55  2055 Benvoulin Ct., Kelowna
Capstone Under Construction (DSQ): Family, Individual, +55  2075 Mayer Rd., Kelowna
Cedar Manor (DRK): +55  525 Franklyn Rd., Kelowna
Birch Manor (DRL): +55  530 Franklyn Rd., Kelowna

North Glenmore

Providence Boulevard: Family 165 Celano Crescent, Kelowna
Providence Court (DRB): Family 124 Verna Court, Kelowna
Providence Landing (DRC): Family, Individual, +55  333 Whitman Rd., Kelowna
Providence Ridge (DRG): Family, Individual, +55 440 Yates Rd., Kelowna

Lake Country

Providence Meadows (DRE): Family 3250 Woodsdale Rd., Lake Country
Woodsdale Place (DRE): +55 11505 Bottom Wood Lake Rd., Lake Country

For detailed information about qualifications, the applications process, and  occupancy standards for market rent housing please visit the BC Housing Website.

We recommend that anyone who qualifies for Market Rent Housing complete the 5-page BC Housing Market Application. It only takes a few minutes and can provide access to a large pool of available housing in your area. Be sure to record the three-letter housing codes associated with the Providence Living buildings you are interested in. 

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