Types of Housing

Providence Living provides rental housing opportunities at great rates for families, individuals, and seniors, offering a variety of options based on different criteria that you meet. Our buildings are dedicated to either families, individuals, or seniors so that we can provide services and amenities focused on the needs of these groups.

Understanding The BC Housing Registry

All placements are done through the Housing Registry, in accordance with BC Housing definitions of Subsidized Housing and Market Rate Housing.

Different sized rental units have different annual household income qualification amounts:

1 Bedroom

Subsidized Under $49,500
Market Rent $49,500-$84,780

2 Bedrooms

Subsidized Under $65,500
Market Rent $65,500-$134,140

3 Bedrooms

Subsidized Under $81,500
Market Rent $81,500-$134,140

4 Bedrooms

Subsidized Under $86,000
Market Rent $86,000-$134,140

Who qualifies for Subsidized Housing

Subsidized housing is long-term housing for people who permanently reside in British Columbia. Rental fees are calculated on rent geared to 30% of income basis.

Who qualifies for Market Rent Housing

Market Rent Housing is for people who have a moderate income and are looking for an affordable long-term tenancy.

Market rent units are also known as affordable housing, below-market, or lower-end of market housing. The rents are equal to, or slightly lower than, average private rentals and are fixed rate, not based on amount of income or income source.

Please apply for specific units listed in our Current Vacancy listings, using the “Apply Now” form found on each page for the fastest response.